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Free Instagram to MP3 converter and downloader. Convert IG videos and reels to MP3 audio files and download them on your Windows PC, Macbook, Android phone, iPhone, and tablet.

Paste the Instagram link - Instafinsta

Paste the Instagram link.

Paste the Instagram video/Reels link on the designated field.

Convert Instagram videos/reels into MP3 audio - InstaFinsta

Convert Instagram videos/Reels into MP3 audio.

Click on the “Get Video Info” button to make the reels ready to download.

Download the video/reels as MP3 audio - InstaFinsta

Download the video/Reels as MP3 audio.

Click on “Download the MP3 file” to initiate downloading.

Free IG to Mp3 Converter and Downloader. Audio has a very significant role to play when it comes to Instagram videos and reels. Therefore, it is not unusual for you to get hooked on a certain Instagram audio that you badly want to save onto your device. It might be a bit disappointing for you to know that Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download audio-video media files. Luckily, you can easily avail the audio using Instagram to MP3 Converter by InstaFinsta. Use it now and embrace the journey of becoming an audiophile.

Best Instagram MP3 Converter

IG to MP3 Converter is a super convenient tool for converting and downloading audio files from IG. It uses an advanced codec to extract audio files from Instagram and provides a quality downloadable option for users. The steps are super straightforward, thus saving time and eliminating confusion for the users.

The Insta MP3 Converter doesn’t require you to provide any of your credentials to use the service. It has robust security measures that ensure both data privacy protection and countering the spread of malware. Upon entry, you will be welcomed with a user-friendly interface for more straightforward navigation. Powered by a superior class of servers, it helps to enhance the IG to MP3 conversion and download speed by a more significant margin.

Last but not least, the IG to MP3 Converter provides all of these mentioned advantages along with a list of others completely free of charge. So, redouble your personal music library by saving Instagram videos and reels in versatile MP3 format with InstaFinsta.  

Why should the Instagram Video to MP3 Converter be your first choice?

There might be similar Instagram MP3 downloaders found on the internet, but not all of them can equally perfect the task of downloading MP3 files from Instagram. Here are facts that make the Instagram MP3 Converter the very best of its kind:

  • It enables a picture-perfect MP3 conversion and download.
  • All the features are completely free to use.
  • Can download MP3s into different audio bits, i.e., 64kbps, 128 kbps, 320kpbs, and more.
  • User-friendly interface ensures a better navigational experience.
  • Requires the least amount of steps for downloading an MP3 track from Instagram.
  • Seamlessly accessible from all types of Android, iOS, Windows run PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc.
  • Compatible with every range of browsers, i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Baidu, etc.
  • Multilingual support for users from different geographical locations.
  • Transparent and ethical privacy protection policy for safe use.


How do you convert IG to MP3 on a PC using Instagram to MP3 Converter?

You can easily convert Instagram videos to MP3s on a PC using the Instagram to MP3 Converte. All you have to do is paste the video link on the downloader, let the site process the audio file for you, and download it later on. The detailed steps for your reference:

  1. First, head to Instagram from your PC browser and select the desired video or reel you want to convert.
  2. Tap on the “Ellipsis” (three dots) button located at the bottom right of the video and the “Copy link” option.
  3. Open the Instagram to MP3 Converter on any browser and paste the link in the input field.
  4. Click on “Get Audio Info” and let it fetch the file for you.
  5. After that, the site will come up with video metadata and a new clickable button named “Download the MP3 file”. Click on that.
  6. Upon clicking, the video should start downloading to your PC as an MP3 file.

Steps in pictures:

Copy the URL of the Instagram video
Paste the link of the video
Download the Instagram video as mp3

How do you use InstaFinsta-Instagram to MP3 Converter on a smartphone?

Now you can access the Insta to MP3 Converter by InstaFinsta using your smartphone. The conversion and download steps experience is quite similar, with slight differences in the end. Here are the steps for your easy understanding:

  1. First, head to the Instagram app and choose the desired Instagram video you want to convert.
  2. Tap on the ellipsis (three dots) button located at the bottom right of the screen and copy the link from there.
  3. Now, open the Instagram to MP3 Converter on any browser and paste the link in the input field.
  4. Click on “Get Video Info” and wait till it fetches the file for you.
  5. After that, the site will come up with video metadata and a new clickable button named “Download the MP3 file”. Tap on that.
  6. Upon tapping, the video should start downloading to your mobile as an MP3 file.

Is it legal to use an Instagram to MP3 Converter?

There is mixed opinion on whether you can use an Insta to MP3 Converter for saving audio files from Instagram. The most logical opinion goes that it is legal as long as you don’t use/manipulate any copyrighted audio track downloaded from Instagram. Not respecting intellectual copyright can lead to even legal action against certain users.

Are there any limitations to using Instagram to MP3 Converter?

There are no definite limitations to using the IG to MP3 Converter. You can convert Instagram videos to MP3 tracks and subsequently download them. It doesn’t matter how long they are or how many you download in a certain timeframe.

Does the Instagram to MP3 Converter reduce the sound quality of the downloaded file?

No. The Instagram MP3 downloader doesn’t cause the quality to decline while downloading a track from Instagram. But there again, in case you are a professional audiophile, you might discover some changes to its core. For basic users like us, there will be no absolute identifiable changes.

Can I use Instagram to MP3 Converter to process private videos?

In most cases, Instagram to MP3 converters may not work on private accounts since they require public access to the video content. The same applies to the Instagram to MP3 Converter by InstaFInsta and its sister tools, such as the Instagram to MP4 Downloader.

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